Pocket Door System Key Features

There are many benefits for choosing a JB Kind Pocket Door System, the main one being the fact that our pre-assembled pocket frames are so easy to install.  You will not need to spend hours working out how to assemble the kit as only a few steps are involved.

To help you make your decision, we have listed the key features and product details for our pocket door systems below.

Key features of our pocket door systems:

  • Easy to install rigid frame, supplied pre-assembled
  • Fitted in half the time of other brands
  • Designed for stud and plasterboard
  • The internal pocket cavity is protected by a cover during installation
  • Door is fitted after all installation and decoration has been completed, avoiding any potential damage to your door.
  • Door choice can be changed in the future without structural alteration to the wall.
  • Gives a finished wall thickness of 125mm
  • Suits door thicknesses 35mm
  • Maximum door weight 80Kg
  • Compatible sliding door hardware available
  • Available in single and double format

Pocket door system product info:

  • Ready assembled for easy and accurate installation.
  • The cassette structure is made from 0.5mm galvanised steel.
  • The cassette sides are formed from single pieces of pressed steel which is corrugated for complete stability.
  • Transverse ribs fixed to the corrugations further re-inforce the structure and allow fixing of plasterboard direct to the cassette.
  • Twin spacer bars are supplied that are fixed between the cassette and jamb during installation to ensure the structure remains square.

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