Pocket Doors

A pocket door system that enables your doors to slide conveniently into a wall cavity, and save space, whilst looking incredibly stylish!

Easy to install pocket door kit with a rigid frame, our pocket door systems are supplied pre-assembled so that they can be fitted in half the time of other brands.

Available for both single and double-door situations in a selection of sizes, almost all of JB Kind’s internal doors are suitable for use as sliding pocket doors. You can also choose from a selection of pocket sliding door accessories too!

Wooden pocket doors separating a living room and dining room in a modern home

Sliding Pocket Door Systems

Understanding pocket door systems can be quite complicated, so we have put together the following information to help you on your quest to find the perfect pocket doors.

Key Features of Pocket Doors

The biggest and best reason to buy JB Kind’s Pocket Door System is the fact that it is a pre-assembled pocket frame, making everyone’s life easier, right up to the person installing the sliding doors. 

The Pocket Door Frame is fitted in half the time of other brands with the added advantage that the doors are fitted after installation.

But these are not the only reasons why our Pocket Door System is a best seller.  Click here to find out more Pocket Door features 

Installing a Pocket Door Frame

JB Kind’s Pocket Door System is pre-assembled taking away the stress and time with complicated pocket door kits.
With our cassette structure, pocket doors can be installed in just 5 easy steps. Click here for a guide on installing a pocket door frame.

Ordering your Pocket Door System

step-by-step guide to ordering your pocket door system with JB Kind Doors.  

Discover the ultimate benefits of pocket doors and the key features of sliding pocket doors.  Follow the steps to be confident what you order is exactly what matches your requirements.

Single & Double Pocket Door Systems

Interested in single or double pocket doors?  Can’t make your mind up?  Head over to the single and double pocket door size guides for clear opening size, structural opening and finished wall thickness metrics.

Pocket Door System Accessories

Timber accessory kits are required to complete pocket door installation and include cover moulds, header covers and a jamb. Find more pocket door locks and handles here

What is a pocket door?

A pocket door is a door that slides into a wall cavity and is hidden from view when open.

Are pocket doors easy to install?

A pre-assembled pocket door system (like the one supplied by JB Kind) is easy to install in a few steps, as the cassette structure that holds the door is already assembled. However, complicated pocket door kits that require self-assembly are available on the market – so check before you buy!

How to install a pocket door

Can you put a pocket door in any wall?

JB Kind’s pocket door system is only suitable for a stud wall with plasterboard and a finished wall thickness of 125mm.

How much space do you need for a pocket door?

This depends on whether you are fitting a single or double-pocket door system and the desired door width.

Do pocket doors increase home value?

Pocket doors are a feature that enhances the home, as well as a valuable space-saving solution. A benefit that will add perceived value to many potential home purchasers.

Are pocket doors good for bathrooms?

Yes, pocket doors are ideal for bathrooms. Extra room space is created that would have been taken up by a traditional side hung door.

Are pocket doors soundproof?

This is difficult to achieve as a void will always exist within the pocket into which the door will slide.  Using a solid core door leaf might help but within the pocket, there is no space for putting any soundproofing insulation.

Can pocket doors be fire-rated?

Some pocket door systems are fire-rated, although always check the claimed accreditation. Accredited fire-rated pocket door systems usually demand the use of a specific fire door, which may not even be made from wood – it could be steel or even concrete.

It is not possible to install any fire door into a pocket door system. The door leaf is not restrained in the same way by hinges and lock mechanisms along its edges, it is merely hanging from its wheels and could easily deform or deflect in a fire situation.  

Can pocket doors lock?

Yes, you can purchase a bathroom door hook lock pack that is suitable for use on a pocket door.

Are pocket doors hard to maintain?

Doors fitted within JB Kind’s pocket door system can be removed for maintenance without structural alteration to the wall. With only 2 sets of wheels as moving parts, there is not a lot that can go wrong with a pocket door.

Can a pocket door be installed in a wall with plumbing?

Not if the pipework penetrates the inside of the pocket as the door would hit it when sliding through. The inside of the pocket door cassette is designed to remain clear and be fitted as supplied.

Can you replace a pocket door?

Doors fitted within JB Kind’s pocket door system can be replaced without structural alteration to the wall.

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