Laminate Interior Doors

Perfect for the modern home our Laminate doors are available in the latest on-trend colour tones.

Combining the good looks of natural wood grain with a robust laminated finish, the realistic texture of our Laminate doors even feels like real wood!

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For a more in-depth look, view our digital Laminates: Interior Door Focus brochure. From inspirational home interior photography to construction and installation information, you’ll find everything you need to know about Laminate doors.

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Our Laminated Internal Doors

Laminate Wood Effect Internal Doors

Laminate timber effect internal doors have so many advantages, from style factor to consistency of finish – unlike real timber veneers, the look and finish of every door will be the same! – Plus, they are incredibly price competitive. 

Our most popular door styles are available in a choice of laminate finishes. Choose from the ladder-style panel design of the Tigris light grey door, the cottage-style look of the Colorado and Hudson, or the subtle recessed panel of the Alabama dark grey door.

With FD30 fire door options and stylish matching glazed partners, our Laminate doors will certainly turn a few heads when guests visit your home.

Are laminate doors cheaper than wood?

Laminate internal doors tend to be more cost-effective than wood veneer doors, like oak and walnut. Laminate doors are supplied fully finished, so there is no requirement to factor in the extra cost of varnish or paint. 

Which is better paint or laminate?

Laminate doors have a durable and consistent finish that is easy to clean. Painted internal doors, give the flexibility of choosing any colour you wish but they will need recoating every 2-3 years if you want to keep them in tip-top condition.

Do laminate doors need painting?

No, laminate doors are supplied fully finished and ready to fit. However, door edges will need repainting if they are trimmed during fitting.

Can laminate doors be painted?

Laminate door faces should not be painted, as they are supplied fully finished and their appearance could be degraded if paint is applied. However, laminate door edges are painted and should they be trimmed during fitting, retouching will be required. Matching paint colour references can be found on the relevant product pages.

What are the advantages of laminate doors?

Laminate doors offer contemporary wood grain finishes in the latest on-trend colour tones. Unlike timber veneers, the graining pattern on each laminate door is uniform. Laminate doors are supplied fully finished and ready to fit. Plus, laminate finishes are durable and easy to maintain.

How do you protect laminate doors?

Laminate door finishes are durable and easy to maintain. We recommend cleaning the face of your laminate doors on a regular basis with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth.

What is the difference between laminate and veneer doors?

JB Kind’s laminate doors are faced with a Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL) layer. Whereas, veneer doors are faced with a thin slice of real timber (e.g. oak, walnut).

Can laminate doors be cut to size?

Laminate doors can be trimmed to aid fitting but this should be kept to a minimum. You must adhere to trimming allowance guidance to ensure that the door’s structural integrity is not compromised.

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