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Browse our range of functional exterior doors and gates to find practical, commodity doors that are perfect for use on outbuildings and garages.

We offer a range of softwood boarded and plywood flush external door options.

Softwood boarded external doors

Our softwood boarded external doors range, is a collection of solid pine board doors that once treated, and painted are suitable for use externally on outbuildings and sheds or buildings where there is no central heating on the inside.

FSC chain of custody certified too, each of the external doors within this range is built from wood that originates from responsibly sourced forests and has been tracked through every stage of the manufacturing process. This ensures sustainability is at the core, from forest to end user.

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Softwood Boarded Doors

Flush Paintgrade external doors

Our plywood flush external doors collection of external doors is durable and exceptionally good value for money. Perfect for commercial or domestic properties, these doors arrive unfinished and unpainted, allowing you to customise them as you see fit. Available as a standard external door in four sizes without a glass opening, or three sizes for the variant with a window space, they can adorn a variety of door frames perfectly.

In addition, the same door can also be supplied as a fire door for a variety of domestic and commercial properties. Simply browse the collection to see what size fits your needs.

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Flush Paintgrade Doors

Our External Doors

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