Joinery services for internal doors

Internal doors often require some joinery work prior to installation and our experienced in-house Joiners are pleased to offer a range of joinery services:

FD30 fire door glazing

Do you require a glazed fire door that is not available from our stock portfolio?  We can adapt any of our Warringtonfire Certifire certificated flush door designs into an apertured fire door.  Our in-house service is prompt, economical and offers peace of mind that the door has been assembled correctly.  Something which is very important, as aperture cutting by a third party may invalidate the original door certification.

Please click here for information on the FD30 aperture dimensions that are available.

Door pairs – Rebating service

If you would like to fit a first-class door pair, we would recommend considering Rebated Meeting Stiles.  Rebating means removing a section along the vertical edge of each door where they meet to allow them to fit snugly together, eliminating the small gap that you would see with square meeting stiles (two doors fitted side by side).  Our in-house joinery workshop provides this service, offering a quick turnaround for those doors which are suitable for rebating and held in stock.

Please note that a minimum 15mm lipping around the door edge is required to machine the rebate.  If your preferred door style is not suitable for rebating, please contact us as rebated door pairs are still available to order for many of our door ranges through our bespoke options service with a slightly longer lead time.

Take a look below at the ‘At a Glance Guide’ to see which doors from our stock ranges are suitable for rebating into a pair

For alternative options on how to create a door pair, please follow the link, 

At a glance guide – rebated door pairs

Door Range Door Designs
Oak Contemporary Tigris Oak & Medina
Oak Classic Dove Pairs (ready rebated)
Oak Shaker All door designs (except fire doors & bi-folds)
Oak Cottage Thames + glazed partners (except fire doors & bi-folds)
Laminates Not available
Urban Industrial All door designs
Painted Finish Not available
White Contemporary All door designs (except Ripple) Contact us for fire door options
White Classic All door designs (except fire doors)
White Shaker All door designs (except fire doors & bi-folds)
White Moulded Classique 6 Light Pairs (ready rebated)

Grooving for fire door intumescent seals

When fitting a fire door, intumescent seals must be positioned within either the door frame or door. To make life a little easier we can groove the edges of your chosen fire doors prior to delivery so that they are ready to accommodate intumescent seals.  

Grooving for pocket doors

Internal doors that are being fitted into a pocket door system will need a groove machining into the bottom edge, to allow the door to fit in the floor guide.  Save time and ask for our joinery workshop to pre-groove your doors prior to delivery for a small additional charge.

For further details on any of our joinery services, please contact us 01283 554197.

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