Walnut Internal Doors

New Walnut doors for the upstairs of a modern home

A wonderful walnut veneer optimises luxurious living and with our sleek and stylish designs, the warmth of walnut combined with its stunning finish will always be a winner for interiors. One of the on-trend wood veneers of the last few years, our walnut veneer doors give you choice of style and budget, so whatever your interior design preferences, there will be something for you.

You can choose from glazed options like the Emral and Franquette that offer the contrast of natural light with the depth of the deep walnut veneers, alongside the extremely popular Axis and Mistral door designs that have proved to be some of the best-selling.

Luxury Walnut Veneered Style

Our walnut door designs can be found everywhere from homes and hotels to Grand Design-style renovations. Take the Tigris Walnut, this new door has been added following popular customer demand, its affordability and contemporary design combined with its five-panel effect is set to WOW customers throughout its first year.

You may be surprised to discover that our walnut interior door designs can all be supplied as fire doors, plus many of the glazed options can be ordered as a fire door through our bespoke internal doors service. 

Please note: Timber veneers are a natural material and variations in the colour and graining should be expected. Colours and graining patterns depicted in our product imagery are representative only.

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