Restoration Man: Fisherman’s Church

Posted: 17 Jan, 2014.

This week has seen JB Kind doors featured in the new series of Channel Four’s Restoration Man with George Clarke, in a project that George called an “unbelievably brave” as well as an “architectural wonder”! Aired on Wednesday 15 January 2014, the project was a restoration of a “derelict, damp and dangerous” church in Brixham, Devon by couple Architect Neil Worrell and HR consultant Jackie Robinson, and we were thrilled to have been asked to be involved – especially when we heard that George himself had commented on how much he liked the door designs!

It’s been around sixteen months since we were first approached by Neil and Jackie. They were keen to find striking high quality doors that were also able to bridge the gap between the traditional gothic building and the innovative contemporary feel. They eventually decided on 14 internal doors from our wonderful Limelight range, 12 of the solid Adelphi and two of the glazed Dominion doors. If you take a look at the photos, I think you’ll agree, they were a stunning choice.


Neil explained why he decided on the Limelight range:

“Early on we decided that the main part of the Church in the old ‘Chancel area’ would be bright and colourful, by contrast the large lower areas where the nave sat would be modernistic and bright with all of the furniture and flooring in white!


“JB Kind’s internal doors were perfect for the look that we were after for this area. We chose the Limelight range with its simple horizontal lines which helped make the basement very stylish and with a slight ‘art deco’ feel along with the ribbed skirting boards and square detailing and light fittings. It was important that both areas were dramatic and of a high quality so that they would complement each other rather than clash or, for example, one area feeling like a ‘poor sister’ to the other.”

Obviously there was far more to the £175,000, 14-month restoration than just our doors – although we’re a bit biased we think that our doors were one of the gems of the restoration! Sadly, viewers didn’t get to see as much of them as we’d like on the final edited version of the programme, but happily they sent us all of these lovely photos to show you all instead!

Neil and Jackie were very pleased with our doors’ quality and bespoke options as well as the impact that they had on the couple’s amazing project – and so apparently was renowned restoration expert and presenter George Clarke:

“The doors were well packaged and with a solid construction and feel. They also came in a variety of widths, thicknesses and fire ratings, so we could perfectly match the various openings in our build,” said Neil.


“In total there were fourteen Limelight doors used in the church restoration and throughout the modernistic lower level area where the bedrooms were located. During the build George Clark personally commented upon how much he liked the door design!”

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