Our Door Guarantee

We are proud of the quality of our doors, pocket systems and door handle sets. We use the best quality materials, manufacturing processes and quality control systems to ensure a high quality of workmanship.

Our conditional product guarantee is subject to our doors, pocket systems and door handle sets being used in accordance with our preparation, installation and maintenance guidelines supplied with these product(s). Details of our Essential Door Care and Maintenance Advice guidelines can be found on our website at www.jbkind.com.

JB Kind Ltd warrants that its products shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship appropriate for their recommended use.

All external and internal doors are supplied in accordance with BS EN 942:2007 “Timber in Joinery General Classification of Timber Quality”, BS 5278:1976/EN25:1975 “Doors measurement of Dimensions and of Defects of Squareness of Door Leaves and BS EN 951:1999 “Door leaves Method for measurement of height, width, thickness and squareness”. Any claims against this guarantee relating to manufacturing will be assessed strictly in accordance with these standards.

Any claims against this guarantee relating to storage handling and installation of doors will be assessed against guidelines contained within BS8000 part 5:1990 and British Standard Code of Practice CP151 part 1.

Natural variation in finish, colour and texture shall not constitute a defective product. Warp, twist and bow are not deemed as defects if they occur as a result of failure to guard against moisture ingress or egress or poor storage. The suitability of protective coatings where they are required to be applied should be checked with the chosen treatment supplier in accordance with the supplier’s recommendations. Regular maintenance of product(s) is essential; guidance can be found on our website wwwjbkind.com.

All of our products, except those expressly excluded from this guarantee, are guaranteed against defects in manufacture for a period of 15 (fifteen) years from the date of their original purchase. Glass breakage or glass scratches are not covered under this guarantee and must be reported prior to installation. Moulded door ranges are excluded from this guarantee and are guaranteed for a period of 1 (one) year. Double-glazed units, pocket door systems and handle sets are guaranteed for a period of ten (10) years. Pocket door accessories, softwood boarded doors and gates are excluded from this guarantee. Normal wear and tear is not deemed to be a defect in manufacture.

This guarantee extends to the first purchaser of the goods supplied, from the date of their original purchase, and does not extend to any subsequent transfer or onward sale of these goods. Any claim in respect of the defective product(s) must be made by the original purchaser.

JB Kind Ltd may, at its discretion, request a site inspection by one of its representatives to assess any claim under this guarantee. If the product(s) supplied are deemed by JB Kind Ltd to be defective, JB Kind Ltd will, within a reasonable time, repair, replace or refund the original purchaser, free of charge, for the defective goods supplied. JB Kind Ltd will not be liable for costs in relation to re-installation.

If, at the time of delivery, the product(s) supplied are found to have defects, then these must be notified to JB Kind Ltd, in writing, within 48 hours of receipt of goods and always prior to any commencement of modification or installation.

Effective from January 2023

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