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Glazed Fire Doors

Fire doors fitted with glass are available in many styles, from commercial doors to attractive modern and classic designs.

JB Kind offer a number of stylish glazed fire doors from our stock portfolio, an FD30 Glazing service ideal for commercial properties and a bespoke doors service that allows you to order tailor-made glazed fire doors to match your preferred design, whatever your project.

What type of glass is used in an internal glazed fire door?

To achieve it’s fire rating, the glass and glazing system must have been tested to ensure that it will keep a fire at bay for as long as the rest of the door – usually 30 or 60 minutes. 

Standard glass will break and crack very quickly and there are specially manufactured types of fire glass on the market, e.g. pyrobellite and pyrodur. 

Glazed Fire Door Test Certification

We always ensure that our glazed fire doors are manufactured to the highest standards with test certification available upon request.

Should you require assistance or advice choosing your glazed fire doors, please contact us on 01283 554197 with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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