Door warranties

All of our products are guaranteed against defects in manufacture for a period of two years from the date of their original purchase from JB Kind.

We strive to ensure that our products are fit for purpose as supplied, and we ensure that complete installation and treatment advice is issued within the packaging of every door to avoid problems arising later.

To be sure that no problems arise with our doors, they must be installed in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice CP151 part 1 – Wooden doors. Any warranty claims will be assessed against this standard.

Assessing the best internal door quality

Warranties issued with doors can often give some insight into the overall quality or suitability of a door in a particular situation. Most doors are issued with a degree of warranty in some form or other. However, taking a look at the exclusion clauses and understanding just what is covered by a warranty is very important. It is also worth remembering that a door’s ongoing performance can often be affected by how well it has been installed. Have the appropriate number of hinges been used relative to the door’s weight? Has the correct type of paint or seal been used to protect the surface of the door from dirt, grease or ambient moisture? The best quality internal door can easily be spoilt through a lack of good practice at the point of installation.

Finding the best wooden door value

The internal make-up of a door determines how it will perform and what it will cost, but what about how it looks? The quality and thickness of the wood veneers used on a door will influence the price, appearance and longevity. For instance, a door faced with a genuine oak veneer will, over time, acquire a patina that will deepen the lustre of the wood, whereas a painted MDF faced door will stay the same and need regular repainting. The more expensive oak internal door will almost certainly be more solidly constructed than the cheaper MDF door. It is often worth going for a higher quality internal door over a cheaper alternative as it works out less expensive in the long run. When looking for wooden doors it is a good idea to buy from a trusted supplier, who have the expertise and internal door ranges to provide the best quality you can achieve within your budget

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