The Biggest Interior Door Trends for 2024

Posted: 19 Apr, 2024.

2024 is already proving to be an exciting year for interior trends. One area which we’ve seen some gorgeous design trends is with our interior doors – no longer just a functional item, doors have become a real statement piece, amplifying our interior styles.

As an expert in internal doors, we’ve put together this guide to the biggest interior door design trends that we’re seeing this year.

Fluted doors

Fluted interiors are shaping up to be a huge trend in 2024. One simple and effective way to incorporate this design into your home is with fluted interior doors. Fluted doors add a contemporary flair to any space, with a unique and appealing design that creates depth and texture.

Our Aria collection of fluted doors has a wide range of finishes, so you’re sure to find a fluted door that suits your interior tastes. We have four neutral shades, plus a white primed finish that can be painted any colour you like – perfect for colour drenching rooms, or just when you want to add your own spin on the design.

For more fluted interior design ideas, read our blog on how to use fluted furniture in your home.

Aria Black Glazed Internal Door

Classic panelled doors

Classic panelled doors offer a sophisticated, refined look to a room. Recently, we’ve seen a surge in interiors that combine classic panelled doors with modern furnishings. Ten years ago, this sort of blend would have been shunned as classic doors would only have been used alongside classic furniture. We love to see this refreshing change and move towards more eclectic interior design, that isn’t afraid to mix and match styles, combining modern and classic styles.

We’re finding our white classic primed doors are very popular as they can be painted a colour of choice. Painting them black is a current favourite and incorporates the trend of black interior doors.

Osborne door painted black by @mcgeowns_home

Industrial style doors

Industrial style doors have been on trend for a few years now and are still incredibly popular. Initially, this style was taken up by interior design trendsetters, but now regular homeowners and renovators are fitting them into homes. This contemporary style allows individuals to add a little something different to their space, with a minimal but impactful design that can combine with all sorts of interior styles, including Urban and Scandi.

We’ve seen that glazed industrial style doors have been the preference, as everyone wants to bring more light across their living spaces. These can be perfect for creating a sense of space and flow in a home, all while keeping rooms separated, plus they’re ideal to brighten a dark room.

Metro Black Glazed Door Pair

Cottage style doors

Cottagecore interiors are still a popular trend and our cottage internal doors are the perfect addition to this style. Like the classic panelled doors, interior design is now mixing modern and classic themes, and we’re seeing the rustic character of cottage doors alongside more contemporary furniture and artwork. The result is a cosy, comfortable space that has an element of nostalgia while still feeling modern.

Our Rustic Oak doors are incredibly popular, as well as our Thames Oak and Thames White – we’re finding the latter is popular painted both white and black for a twist on the classic cottagecore style. Our cottage-style doors are also available in glazed designs, for when you want to maximise the light in your space, with classic and contemporary styles.

Thames White Cottage Style Door

Laminate doors

Our laminate doors are in a selection of on-trend wood effect finishes, which has made them a very popular choice. This includes black, grey, and oak finishes, which work with a variety of interior styles. They also work very well alongside the plethora of laminate flooring options that are available, including both wood-effect and stone-effect flooring.

Our laminate interior doors feature a realistic wood grain that even feels like real wood, so you can enjoy the look of natural textures without the upkeep. We offer a variety of different laminate door styles, including the cottage-style Colorado, and Tigris designs that are flush with ladder-style grooves. Plus, our laminate doors have glazed options, to improve the light flow around your home.

JB Kind has a range of internal doors in a variety of styles and colours, so you can ensure your interior stay on trend. View our brochure to see our full range of interior doors.

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