The Best Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Posted: 20 Oct, 2023.

There can be many reasons why a room feels dark, It might be that not enough natural light is able to enter the room, or it could be that the décor is interrupting the flow of light.

If you have a space that you want to make brighter, below are a few tips to lighten a room.

Opt for glass interior doors

Adding internal doors with glass is a great way of helping light to enter a room. They allow for improved light flow into a room, so even dark spaces can enjoy extra lightness and brightness.

JB Kind has a range of glazed doors to suit every interior, including industrial style doors and oak shaker doors with glazed panelling.

Axis Oak Glazed Doors

Strategically hang mirrors

You may already know that mirrors can help a room to feel bigger, but they can also help a dark room feel lighter. Hanging a mirror in the right place will help to reflect and move light around the room.

Try hanging your mirror near or opposite a light source, such as a window or a lamp. This will help it to reflect and distribute the most amount of light.

Swap curtains for blinds

Another way to brighten your dark room is to do away with heavy curtains. These will absorb light and can also block light from entering the room.

Blinds can be a great option, as they’ll tuck away almost completely when they’re not in use, meaning the maximum amount of natural light can get into the room.

Alternatively, choose light, airy curtains. A sheer material will be great for letting in maximum light but might not be appropriate in a bedroom where you want darkness at night. In that case, you can still choose a light-coloured curtain to help make the room feel brighter.

Pick a light colour scheme

While dark-coloured rooms can make a statement, if your aim is to increase the light in a room, you should aim for a lighter colour scheme. This doesn’t necessarily have to be white – lighter neutral tones such as beige or grey, or even pastel shades can all be great for making a room feel brighter.

If dark colours are part of your interior style, pair them with light colours to make a contrast. For example, choose white walls, a white ceiling and a white floor with black furniture and black internal doors to make a strong contrast and an edgy feel. This way, you can add some drama to a room while still keeping it light.

Light up, not down

When choosing lighting for your dark room, look for fixtures that send the light up, not down. Lamps and light fixtures that cast light downwards can make a room feel more shadowy. In contrast, fixtures that direct light up will help to spread it further around the room.

If your walls and ceiling are a light colour, they’ll be able to reflect the light even better. If your room struggles to get natural light, using lamps and fixtures in this way can be a great solution for helping the room feel less dingy.

Add delicate accessories

The accessories you choose to decorate your room can have a big impact on how light it feels. You should avoid anything too heavy that will absorb the light.

Instead, opt for ornaments and accessories that will help improve the light flow. Metallics, such as bronze hardware, will reflect the light and look gorgeous on light fittings and lamps. Delicate glassware ornaments can also help to make a room feel more airy, as they’ll allow the light to pass through and spread around the room.

Go for minimalism

The more items in a room, the more things will absorb light and the more shadows will be cast. So, a dark room can be the perfect opportunity to experiment with minimalism.

Keeping decorations simple and clean will help to make the room feel brighter and airier. Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t inject your personality into the room at all – for example, instead of having a large gallery wall, choose one large art piece for the wall.

Choose gloss finishes

Colour will certainly have an impact on how light your room feels, but the finish will too. Matte finishes can absorb a lot of light. Instead, opt for glossy finishes on your paintwork to help reflect the light.

If high gloss isn’t for you, you could choose a more subtle, soft sheen. This will help to diffuse the light along the surface, rather than absorb it fully.

JB Kind has a variety of internal doors that can help to brighten dark rooms in your home. View the range today or contact us for more information.

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