A Guide to Grandmillenial Design: How to Nail Granny Chic Interiors

Posted: 22 Mar, 2024.

Perfectly blending nostalgia with modern design choices, grandmillenial design is the answer to the clean, minimalist aesthetics that have been dominating our interiors in recent years. Sometimes referred to as “anti-trend”, grandmillenial comes under the umbrella of maximalist design, bringing a more homey element for a fun, fresh, and cosy finish.

What is grandmillenial design?

Grandmillenial design, also known as granny chic, is an updated twist on styles that you might usually associate with your gran. Think chintzy fabrics, floral wallpaper, embroidery, linen – all combined with particular modern elements to bring interiors bang up to date.

The name comes from combining “grandmother” with “millennial” – the former due to the styles that are included in these interiors, and the latter due to the popularity this design has had with those born in the 80s and 90s. These grandmillenial interiors pay homage to the past and comfortable, homey styles, but all with a fresh spin to create a unique feel.

A cottagecore grandmillenial bathroom with floral wallpaper and antique decor.

How to achieve grandmillenial design in your home

There are a number of key features needed to achieve the best grandmillenial finish in your home.

Don’t shy away from patterned upholstery

Patterns are one of the defining features of grandmillenial design. One way to incorporate patterns into your space is with the upholstery. To really make a statement, you can go big and bold with a patterned sofa – or, alternatively, just stick to patterned throw cushions. To really nail the granny chic feel, heavy, patterned curtains are a must.

Getting the pattern right is obviously key here. Florals are an easy pattern to achieve grandmillenial design, but there are other choices too. Some geometric and China-print patterns are also perfect for grandmillenial styles. If you’re unsure, just think about what your granny might like and go for that.

Utilise a bold colour palette

Grandmillenial design is all about colour. Whilst patterns are an easy way to incorporate a colour scheme into the room, you don’t have to stop there. Block colours in matching shades will help to bring the room together, all while keeping to the granny chic brief. With this style, you really have the option to pick a palette that you like – whether that’s pastel shades or bold vibrant hues.

Pinks, blues, and greens are all perfect for the grandmillenial colour palette and can be incorporated in many different ways. If you haven’t opted for a full patterned sofa, pick seating that’s one of these shades instead. You could go for painted internal doors to draw the eye or paint your kitchen cupboards. Whatever you choose, just try to stay away from too much monochrome.

Mid-century modern grandmillenial style lounge.

Embrace floral wallpaper

Wallpaper in general is a key part of grandmillenial design, but floral wallpaper especially is a mainstay of the style. Floral wallpaper might seem intimidating to some, but when its done right it can create the perfect cosy interiors.

The beauty of floral wallpaper is that the colour combinations are endless – you can opt for a subtle colour palette alongside light and bright furniture for a fresh feel, or choose a bolder, more vibrant shade to lean more towards the maximalist finish.

Include ornate and feminine features

The ornate and feminine are key features of grandmillenial interior. Here is where you can start to dig into the details of your room, to really enhance the overall look. Look for lace, pleats, and ruffles – all the features that might have once seemed stuffy or overdone. You’ll want to lean more towards curved shapes rather than clean sharp lines, to help create a pleasant, more comfortable interior.

Your details should also include ornate pieces. Grandmillenial should be, well, grand, with just a touch of luxury amongst the cosy. This can be achieved through your lighting fixtures, picture frames, mirror frames, or furniture legs. Look for pieces that are highly decorated, to add more eye-catching detail to a room.

Mix in modern pieces and hardware

The key to avoiding your granny chic interior from becoming stuffy is to mix in modern pieces alongside vintage. This could be as simple as including a modern coffee table alongside your chintz armchair, or a more modern art piece situated on the floral wallpaper.

The hardware you choose can be a simple way of adding in modern elements. Think clean, bronze hardware, such as taps in a bathroom, light fixtures, or the handles on your chest of drawers. If bronze isn’t for you, black hardware can be great in a grandmillenial interior that already leans towards the darker colour palette.

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