What is Maximalism Interior Design?

Posted: 11 Jul, 2023.

Maximalism interior design has recently grown in popularity, and we love seeing these bold and eclectic rooms on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. If you love the maximalism look too but aren’t sure exactly what it consists of and how you can incorporate it into your home, read on.

A brief history of maximalism interior design

Maximalism might have seen a recent resurgence, but it’s a trend that has been around for centuries. From the Baroque period to the Victorian Era and into the 20th and 21st Centuries, maximalism and excess have had many cycles of popularity.

In the past, maximalism could have been linked to displays of wealth. Individuals decorated their homes with ornaments and materials that wouldn’t have been accessible to others, who may have had to decorate their homes sparsely due to a lack of resources.

Now, maximalism interior design is more about an expression of joy and fun. Some see it as a reaction against the minimalist trend of recent years. Instead of neutral colours and clean lines, which some can see as being too cold and clinical, maximalism embraces patterns, textures, and colours above all else.

Key characteristics of maximalism interior design

Maximalism interior design will depend on your tastes and style. There’s not one structured look for maximalism, however, it does follow some loose rules.

More is more

The main characteristic of maximalism interior design is that “more is more”. This will apply to everything in a room – colours, patterns, materials, art, and ornaments. With a maximalist room, you have the freedom to adorn the space with your mementoes and pieces that are meaningful to you. Modern maximalism is about finding joy through your belongings and interior style, so the more you add to the room, the more you can express yourself.

At the same time, your items should have a touch of curation. Maximalism should have a degree of togetherness, so it doesn’t look messy or too overwhelming. Picking items and styles that you love should help to bring everything together.

Go bold with colour

Maximalist interior design isn’t complete without bold, rich colours. It’s bright fuchsia furniture against teal walls with ornate gold light fixtures. Or a slightly more subtle maximalist style could involve a bold colour palette – perhaps sticking to an array of greens and blues – and then choosing a few accent colours, such as bright yellow or orange.

Either way, maximalism interior design needs a variety of punchy, loud colours. You can get creative with where you add colour – it could be your built-in bookshelves, your internal doors, and even your ceilings.

Play with patterns

Maximalism isn’t afraid to layer patterns. Think bold floral wallpaper with animal-print upholstery, or geometric rugs with botanical print curtains. Maximalism isn’t about finding the perfect matchy-matchy items for a room – it’s about creating a fun and bold space that expresses your personality.

Mix old and new

Maximalism interior design will usually involve a mix of periods and styles. This will apply to the furniture itself as well as the patterns and colours. Often, the furniture may be vintage but it will be combined with a bright colour for a modern look.

Some might choose to upcycle vintage pieces to incorporate them into a maximalist interior, whether by repainting or reupholstering in a contemporary, bold fabric. Sometimes, a vintage piece can look gorgeous in its original style when paired with modern, vibrant pieces.

Tips to bring maximalism interior design into your home

If you want to bring maximalism into your home but the idea of filling a living room or bedroom is intimidating, start small. You could go for a maximalist entryway or downstairs bathroom, as these will provide smaller spaces for you to fill with patterns and colours.

Bold wallpaper is an easy way to start making a room maximalist and can give you a great statement piece to put together your other colours and patterns. A floral wallpaper might have accent colours that you can pull out and look for art, ornaments, and soft furnishings that complement or contrast the shade.

Add shelves and bookcases to the room to allow you to display your books and ornaments. This will help to add to the maximalist look. Painting the shelving a vibrant shade is another easy way of adding more colours and patterns to the room.

The bottom line is that there is no correct way to incorporate maximalism into your home. As long as the items, patterns, and colours all bring you joy and allow you to express your personality and style, you will have your maximalist interior.

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