Quirky ways to decorate your front door this Christmas

Posted: 11 Dec, 2019.

There’s nothing like a festive front door to get you in the Christmas spirit. Traditional Christmas wreaths are beautiful and timeless but if you want your visitors to go “WOW!” when they turn up at your home then it’s time to get more creative.

There are plenty of quirky ways you can spruce up your front door this Christmas to make a festive impact, you just need to think outside the box. Here are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing.

Ice skatesIce Skates

How about hanging a pair of ice skates on your front door?

Yes, skates on their own may look rather random but make them look pretty by filling them with greenery, holly berries and topping them with a bow and a sprinkling of fake snow and you’ve got yourself a unique Christmas door decoration to make your front door stand out this festive season.

Three wreaths

When one wreath just isn’t enough, use three. Triple the festivity and attach three wreaths together with red ribbon and hang it from the top of your door. To make it stand out even more you can add fairy lights, enhance it with pinecones, baubles and candy canes. If you want to get really creative, add a scarf, hat, 2 sticks and some mittens and you’ve got yourself a three-wreath snowman hanging on your front door.


Take your front door decoration to the next level by creating a magical entrance to Narnia. Hang snowflakes of varying sizes from your porch and oversized snowflakes around the front door. Create a white snowy wreath of dreams to hang on the door and soon enough your magical Narnia setting will start to come to life. White lights, white stockings, white candles and assorted ornaments will all add to your fairytale Christmas theme.

Snowy front door entrance


Typography can be the perfect way to send a festive message to those that visit/wander past your front door. Use unfinished wooden or paper mache letters from the craft store or create your own and turn them into door deco. Cover your oversized letters in glitter, sheet moss, tinsel or whatever you might have lying around the house to create an eye-catching, door hanging that spreads joy.

Santa’s Grotto

If you’ve got kids, then decorating your front door/porch area like the entrance to Santa’s grotto could put a big grin on some little faces. A sign above the door saying ‘Santa’s Workshop’, a wreath full of candy canes and red ribbon, fairy lights and a sign pointing in the direction of the ‘North Pole will all help to bring this theme to life. Not to mention a light up reindeer placed outside the front door.


Bauble wreathIf you want a quick and easy but quirky front door Christmas decoration idea, why not repurpose some baubles.

One idea is to take an old photo frame by covering it in festive paint and forming a Christmas tree shape out of ornaments/baubles inside it. You can then tie it all together with a ribbon at the top. Subtle but effective and one of the cheaper options.

Get creative and make your front door the talk of the street. If you need more festive inspiration for your home, check out how to make the most of small spaces at Christmas for handy ideas to suit even the smallest of areas.

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