Understanding how a pocket door system is fitted

Posted: 7 Jan, 2020.

Colorado Grey Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a fantastic option for saving space, but many people will also choose these ingenious systems for their looks alone. The clever mechanism enables your door to slide conveniently into a wall cavity, saving space while looking incredibly stylish too!

The benefit of our pocket door systems is they are super easy to install, coming in a kit with their own rigid frames. Already pre-assembled, your door fitter will be able to do the job in half the time of other brands.

Not only are our pocket doors easy to fit, look great and save space, they also have other benefits when it comes to interior design: adding extra flexibility to many inside spaces.

As far as maximising space goes, they are very useful not just to make sure you get the most out of your floor area, but also in rooms such as small bathrooms and toilets where you simply would not be able to fit a conventional swinging door. With the pocket door system, you can have the room and an attractive door solution too!

So how are pocket doors actually fitted?

Pocket door systemThe clue is really in the name. A pocket door is a door that slides into a ‘pocket’. In the case of JB Kind doors, this is a rigid steel cassette system that is fitted into the wall cavity. Plasterboard on either side of the cavity means the steel system is hidden from sight.

The door has wheels on its top side which enable it to slide smoothly in and out.

When it comes to fitting the door, this can be done in several easy steps – see our How to fit a pocket door guide and video if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts!

Your fitter will be able to fix the door into place and lift it straight into the wall cavity.

All of the fitting accessories are included, as well as rubber bumpers which are fixed to the door edges so they don’t bang.

When it comes to the design style of your pocket door, you needn’t skimp on choice when opting for a pocket door system. Most of our doors are suitable for use as sliding pocket doors, so simply pick the design you like. The only designs that won’t work are those with raised mouldings and our 44mm fire doors – just give us a call to talk it through if you’re in any doubt.

A few extras you’ll need to know

There are just one or two things to be sure of when preparing to have your pocket door system fitted:

  • You’ll need a timber accessories kit (available in oak or white) to finish off the fitting
  • The bottom edge of the door will need to be grooved to fit the floor guide
  • There are optional extras such as an automatic door closer or a soft-close damper unit to be considered

That’s it! Once you’ve opted for your pocket door system, just choose a reputable fitter and look forward to the finished result. It will look great and help you make the most of your internal space.

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