Which internal door colour is best for you?

Posted: 25 Oct, 2019.

Colours can really affect our mood so picking the right hues for your internal doors is very important. Your home should be an environment where you can relax and be happy and your choice of colour for internal doors is a key part of that.

Catton door painted blueOf course, some people prefer the organic simplicity of natural wood but if you fancy a splash of colour in your internal space then there are going to be some decisions to be made!

Painting your internal doors to complement your interior design theme can really make a statement, if you go for a stand-out colour, or subtly enhance, if you choose something that blends in.  But which colour to choose? Here are a few pointers that you might find helpful:

Stand-out colour choices and palettes

If you want to make a statement in your interiors, having a door painted an interesting shade is a great way to do it. When choosing your colours, it’s important to consider what the rest of your interior space is doing to ensure that the colours will go together. But beware that doors open into two interior spaces so the colour you pick will need to work for both!

Coral paintOn-trend interior colours for 2019 & 2020 are pinks, mainly pale and coral shades; greens in mint and emerald and the following shades of blue: marine and aqua shades in the paler end of the spectrum, with dark and indigo your optimum blues at the darker end of things.

When matching colours with interiors, some basic rules are that cool colours look well together, and the same goes for warm colours, but mixing cool and warm may cause an unsightly clash. It’s the same rule as for clothing: some people suit cool colours such as pastels or dramatic black and white, others – often red-heads – suit rich, warm colours such as mustard and rust. Your rooms will be the same.

On-trend popular colours to blend in

You may prefer to go for a door colour that is more subtle in its approach: one that blends in with your interiors rather than stands out and makes a statement all by itself. If this is the way you want to go, current popular choices are shades of grey – a colour that continues to hit all the right on-trend notes – muted clays, greens, blacks and whites.

Neutral colour tonesAgain, as far as complementing your interiors goes, the same rules of thumb apply as above. Warm colours go with warm; cool with cool. Black is a cool colour, so it will go well with interiors that feature cool, dark blues, whites and pale pinks. The same goes for whites. But warm, organic, earthy green shades will look great with similar colour schemes.

How colours can influence your mood

Black painted doorColours really do have an affect on your mood, so it’s worth bearing this in mind. For those of us who like to feel close to nature, an organic colour scheme in the home will do a lot to lift our mood and help us relax. Bright shades such as orange and yellow are so welcoming and bright – but if your interior door is in a shady spot where it doesn’t get a lot of natural light, these types of bright shades may look darker than they were intended and consequently present rather a melancholy outlook. In darker spots of the house, you may prefer to choose pale shades or bright whites to maximise the available light. Black is obviously a serious sort of colour, but it can be very calming when in the right place, while shades of grey also work really well in lots of places and, in the right shade, can also be very relaxing.

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