Laminate vs Veneer – internal doors for your home

Posted: 24 Jul, 2018.

Laminates vs veneer

When it comes to choosing the perfect doors for your home, there is so much choice in the market these days that it can be overwhelming. With cutting-edge design features, extra durability and cool looks available in a wide range of door options, it can be confusing to know what to go for. Two particularly popular internal door finishes for modern households are laminates or natural veneers – but which works best for you? Here’s our handy guide to help you decide:

Laminate internal doors – consistent, durable, contemporary and affordable

Laminate doors are the latest trend in door design and it’s easy to see why they are in demand, when they have so many benefits. Here are the main points to consider:

Alabama Laminate doorConsistent in appearance – Each laminate door has a wood grain effect that is entirely consistent with the others. That means something important for your home: each one looks exactly the same as the next. This gives your home a very sleek, uniform look that works well with so many design themes.

Durable – Laminate doors have a very durable, hardwearing finish, making them a great practical choice.

Pre-finished – Laminate doors come pre-finished, with no need to paint or varnish – again, very practical, you can just hang them straight away.

Contemporary colours – Laminate doors come in gorgeous contemporary colour tones, they’ll blend beautifully into your home’s existing colour scheme.

Competitively priced – Last but not least, laminates are a really affordable option, being very competitively priced compared to their veneer equivalents.

Timber veneer internal doors – offer the natural beauty of wood

Where natural veneers score highly with many customers is that they offer a beautiful organic, natural look. So should you go for natural veneer? Some things to think about:

Cherwell oak doorNatural timber – A natural veneer door has timber grain patterns that vary from door to door. It’s simply a matter of what kind of look you prefer: the consistency of laminate or the natural variation of timber.

It’s all in the finish – With a natural timber veneer door, you can opt for either a pre-finished version which is good to go, or buy them unfinished so you can add your own varnish or stain. Creative types often prefer the flexibility of the latter option, which you don’t have with a laminate door.

From gorgeous oak to beautiful walnut – There is nothing quite like the beauty of wood and there is no doubt that a natural veneer door does offer you the option to give your home a beautiful, organic feel with a range of different timbers to choose from. Will you go for stylish oak doors or would you prefer a lovely walnut door? At JB Kind we can reveal that oak is the most popular of our natural veneers, closely followed by walnut for a more luxurious style.

That feeling of luxury – Again, it’s all a matter of personal choice, but some customers say they find natural veneer gives a real luxury feel to their home. It’s just a case of what you prefer.

So many options – At the moment, we have a greater range of natural veneer doors at JB Kind than laminates, so you’ll have more options to choose from to find the perfect choice for your home. However, the demand for laminates is increasing all the time, so the choice of laminate designs is expanding!

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