Top Door FAQs – The Questions We are Asked The Most

Posted: 15 Jun, 2020.

Choosing the perfect doors for your home is an important task, they have to be the right size, colour and style for you and your home. When in the process of purchasing your dream doors it’s only natural to have questions.

Here at JB Kind we receive a lot of common questions relating to our products specifically and doors in general.

To help answer your burning questions and point you in the right direction, here are some of the q’s that we get asked the most.

Can you paint external doors?

This very much depends on the material the door is made from. Most modern doors are made from uPVC or composite materials and cannot be painted as due to the surfaces it will deteriorate quickly.

If the door is made from wood, it can be painted if the right preparation is carried out and appropriate paint and finish is used.

What are the standard door measurements in the UK?

There are many different standard doors sizes in the UK, which can get confusing. JB Kind Doors offer a core selection of the most common door sizes from stock but we also provide bespoke sizes on special order for the majority of our door ranges should you require non-standard sizes.

How do I measure for a new internal door?

This is a very important part when in the process of getting new doors and it must be carried out correctly. The most common mistake is to measure the existing door. Do not do this. All measurements should be based on the door frame.

To ensure that you choose the right door size our guide on how to measure up for a new door is here to help.

Do I need fire doors?

If you are replacing the internal doors in your home and are wondering whether you should fit fire doors there is nothing to say you cannot choose fire doors, however, if you do not currently have any fire doors installed then standard doors are fine.

The only instances when fire doors are required in a home is if:

2 storey house which has a door leading from an integral garage into the house
A new build or renovated domestic property which has 3 or more storeys (including loft conversions)

What is your external extreme door?

The External Extreme door range is our weather-resistant external door range, ideal for fitting into new or existing wooden door frames. It is manufactured with a top layer of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME and comes pre-finished in white with a 10-year guarantee and is exclusive to JB Kind.

Do your doors come with door handles and hinges?

No, JB Kind doors are not sold with handles, hinges, or locks so you will need to choose and purchase these separately. It is vital that you do this otherwise you won’t be able to open, hang or lock your door.

JB Kind’s door handle latch packs supply you with everything you need to fit your door in one box.

Do doors warp?

This generally depends on the materials that are used to construct the door.

All materials used to construct JB Kind doors are wood-based but most are commonly ‘engineered’. This means that the materials have been made from different raw timbers to form composite timber components.

High-density chipboard, block timber, laminates and fibreboards are all commonly used within our doors and is designed to be rugged, durable, stable and resist humidity and moisture. However, care should be taken when trimming a door to fit and to ensure that any exposed edges are sealed with a suitable paint or varnish. Failure to do so could allow heat or moisture to enter the door and cause warping.

Haven’t found the answer you’re looking for? Check out our dedicated FAQ page or get in touch to find out more.

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