Pocket Doors: Why they are the ideal internal door for your self-build project

Posted: 13 May, 2021.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are the ideal solution for so many homes, but they are particularly beneficial for self-build projects. Practical, stylish, space saving and easy to install, what’s not to like? Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider going for some pocket door options in your self-build project. 

Plan, plan, plan

Practical things first. To fit a pocket door, you need to prepare a stud wall cavity to hold the cassette system required. This is something that can be planned early in the self-build planning stages. 

This makes it particularly easy for self-builders, because of course, you won’t have to work around existing spaces or knock down any internal walls in order to fit in the system. Instead, you can take advantage of the fact you are building from scratch. That makes it much more possible to fit pocket doors in lots of places around your self build. 

So where to fit them?

Walnut pocket door

Space saving

Pocket door systems are excellent for areas in your home where you need to save space. That’s because the clever design slides in and out of a cavity in your wall, rather than opening out into a room on a hinge mechanism. Consider them in places in the home where space is at a premium and where you would otherwise hang a single door. Utility rooms often fall into this category, as do en-suite bathrooms. Where you haven’t got many square metres to play with, it will pay dividends in terms of being able to design a room and place furnishings without the need to consider where the door will swing and knock into things. 

But saving space isn’t just about small areas, it’s also relevant for areas where you want to maximise a larger space. One great example of this is to use pocket system as double doors that you can open to create a bigger space. The doors can be closed and opened to change the space, as required, but again, it means that you don’t need to worry so much about where furnishings go, as the doors won’t bang into them when they open and shut.

Grey pocket door

Contemporary style

Pocket doors aren’t just practical, they look pretty stylish too. Wherever you’re using pocket doors in your home, the sleek design will seriously impress visitors as well as any future buyers, should you choose to sell. Almost any kind of door style is suitable for a pocket door system. Don’t forget that glazed models work just as well – these are particularly good as double doors in a reception area as they let the light flood through the space even when shut. A single pocket door system with opaque glass could be a stylish and practical option for an en-suite bathroom that perhaps doesn’t benefit from its own natural light, as light from the adjoining bedroom will be able to penetrate the space and you’ll be maximising valuable square footage too.

Tip: when choosing pocket doors, the only ones to avoid are those with projected mouldings, as they are likely not to fit in the cassette system in your cavity wall. 

Oak pocket doors

Easy to install and change door style

It’s worth looking for pocket door systems which are easy to install. Unlike other self-assembly pocket door kits, here at JB Kind we offer a pre-assembled rigid frame system which is much quicker to fit than others on the market. The doors are fitted after all decoration has been completed. Door styles can be changed in the future, without the need for structural alteration to the wall.

It’s fair to say that however you choose to enjoy a pocket door system, you’re certain to enjoy the many benefits for years to come. If you’re embarking on a self-build project, it’s well worth considering these versatile, clever and stylish doors. 

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