Seven secrets of pocket doors

Posted: 13 Mar, 2018.

Walnut pocket door 

When you’re considering pocket doors as an internal door solution in your property, you’ll often find there are some common misconceptions. Our fact-packed blog will make sure that you’ll become the primo of pocket doors and it will open-up a whole new dimension of door design that can save space, look good and be particularly practical. So, settle down and read up on these seven superb secrets of pocket doors… or is that sliding doors?

1. Pocket doors are sliding doors

When you refer to pocket doors, there’s often some confusion. The name ‘pocket’ door comes from the description of how the door is, when fully open, enclosed within a ‘pocket’ in the wall. Instead of opening outwards, the door slides into the pocket that is fitted within the wall cavity and completely hidden from view.  Pocket doors can come in single doors or in pairs, depending on the size of the opening, and the doors move (slide) on rollers suspended from a track. So, pocket doors are a type of sliding door but not be confused with sliding door systems that are fixed on to a wall.

2. Pocket doors are super space savers

As pocket doors do not open out into a room, they are known as superb space savers. Particularly popular in smaller homes, apartments and studio flats, the sliding superheroes of all doors have unmasked that extra bit of storage space and aided furniture placement in many a small and bijou home. So, if you’re short on space, then why not consider how perfect pocket door systems could be for you?  

Tigris Oak Double Pocket door

3. Pocket doors are a worthwhile investment

Pocket doors are certainly pound-friendly and if you’re undertaking a self-build or major refurb then they’re a perfect investment, creating lots of flexible space opportunities. When you consider that pretty much any type of door can be made into a pocket door, this means you can tailor your pocket doors to your own personal style, build and budget and if you look at their wider impact on your pocket, then you’ll realise that these creatively clever doors allow you to do so much more with the space that you have. For example, they may allow you to have an en suite that, with traditional doors, would just not be possible; or perhaps you can use your pocket doors to create privacy when you want it, but wide-open spaces when you don’t, meaning that you don’t have to build an extra room, you can just create one when you need it. 

4. Pocket doors can be stunningly stylish

People often think pocket doors can be far from in vogue but gone are the days when they were plain panels on a runner. Today, you will find that pocket doors can be created out of virtually any type of door design. At JB Kind, for example, almost all our doors are suitable for use as pocket doors, whether they are glazed or solid, the highest end design or affordably stylish; whether they are wood veneered, laminated or professionally painted, our pocket door systems come in various sizes. This means you don’t have to settle to save space, you can pick pocket doors that you can be proud of!   

JB Kind's Ripple door fitted into a pocket system

5. Pocket doors are perfect for any room – and more!

When we think of pocket doors it’s tempting to limit our thinking. Perhaps you’re building a new home or undertaking a renovation and have only considered pocket doors for the bathroom or kitchen; or maybe you’ve only thought of stylish sliders for the bedroom and not the living room? Given the choice available for pocket doors, we all need the interior designer inside us to catch up! Why not think of saving space throughout your home and have matching pocket doors across your property? Or why not consider using sliding doors not just for an internal doorway between main rooms, but for your fitted wardrobe doors or to given you more space in your larder or laundry room? Perfect pocket doors can be smart, sophisticated and chic, not just pragmatic and space-saving. 

6. Pocket doors can be glazed or solid

We’ve alluded to the range of different door designs that you can enjoy, but let’s spell it out! Pocket doors can be whatever you want them to be, solid or glazed, with whatever daring design you desire. But the most common misunderstanding is that pocket doors have limitations when it comes to glazed options. Happily, this is not true. Pocket doors can definitely benefit from many different types of glaze, and this doesn’t just mean a plain glaze either! And myths about the glass needing to be reinforced are just that, myths! To comply with building regulations, all pre-glazed doors must be fitted with safety glass, so you can choose from whatever type of glaze you like, etched, clear or bevelled – take your pick for your perfect pocket doors! 

7. Pocket doors are practical too

The practicality of pocket doors is not a new concept, popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, their virtues have certainly been extolled for a good two hundred years, with some decades showing more favour than others for our sliding superheroes. Whether it’s pocket doors’ space-saving or their stylish design options, the practicalities of pocket doors mean that these creative champions offer something positive to every property.

JB Kind's Grigio door fitted into a pocket system

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