A Buyers Guide to Choosing Glazed Internal Doors

Posted: 3 Jul, 2024.

At JB Kind, we are finding a definite uplift in the preference to fit glazed internal doors in areas of the home that would have traditionally had solid doors.

For example, hallways tend to have a number of doors leading off into rooms like lounges, kitchens, studies, and dining rooms, and homeowners are now choosing to change these from solid to glazed doors. There are a number of advantages to doing this, the main factors being that more natural light can be let into the room, and the space can be made to feel bigger. You can read more in our blog on the benefits of glazed internal doors for your home.

As well as these benefits, the trend for glazed internal doors has been supported by the rise in popularity of black glazed industrial style doors. But glazed doors come in a range of styles to suit all kinds of interiors. If you need some guidance to find the right glazed doors for your home, we’ve put together a guide below.

What to consider when choosing glazed internal doors

There are a number of factors to consider and decide upon to choose the perfect glazed internal doors for your interior and personal tastes.

What sort of design would you like?

You’ll want the doors to complement your interior design theme and any other solid doors that are fitted nearby. Whether you’re aiming for a classic look, industrial style, something sleek and modern, or something with rural charm, there are a lot of options.

At JB Kind, you can find white glazed doors, black glazed doors, oak glazed doors, and fluted glazed doors with a range of glazing patterns, such as ladder panels or hexagonal panels. Plus, the majority of our door styles have a matching glazed partner, so you can find the perfect style for both your glazed and solid doors and maintain a cohesive look throughout your home.

City Black Clear Glass Internal Door

How much light would you like?

Glazed doors allow natural light to flow into an area, and you can control how much light comes into the room by how much glazing you have on your door. You might find it preferable to have a door that has one central, narrow glazed panel to just let in some light, or you might prefer a half glazed door.

If you want maximum light in a room, you should look for a fully glazed door. A fully glazed door can be ideal for smaller rooms that don’t get much natural light. Adding a full glazed door will enhance the light whilst also keeping separation and insulation in the room.

Is privacy important?

You might want a glazed door to enjoy the aesthetics and natural light, but you might also want to maintain some privacy in the room. In this case, you might like a part glazed door, that only has a small glazed panel. Alternatively, you can look for a glazed door that has frosted glass or an opaque glass panel, like our Rustic Oak DX Glazed door. This will let in plenty of light while obscuring the room.

When a frosted option isn’t available in the style they like, we’ve found some customers like to purchase frosted film to place on top of clear glass. This way they can retain privacy without compromising on their preferred style.

Thames White Half Glazed Door

Do you have a preferred glass aperture style?

At JB Kind, we have glazed internal doors in a variety of glass panel designs. Our glazed doors with ladder-style panels are perfect for more industrial interiors. If you want a glazed door that offers something a little different, you might like our Quart Glazed door, with a geometric hexagonal pattern, or our Aurora Clear Glazed door, with a retro style sunshine glazing.

How safe is the door?

All glazed doors must adhere to safety standards. With JB Kind, you’ll have the peace of mind that each of our glazed doors are fitted with safety glass. To comply with regulations, each individual pane is etched with a permanent safety mark but in as discreet a way as possible, so as to not impose on the overall design.

If you need extra safety features, we have glazed fire doors available in some of our designs. When a glazed fire door is required, the fire glass will be fitted strictly in accordance with the fire certification. Unlike standard glass which can break and crack quickly in extreme heat, our glazed fire doors will keep the fire at bay for as long as the rest of the door.

Mistral Oak Glazed Door

What type of glass would you like?

As well as choosing between clear glass or frosted glass, there are a number of additional details that can be incorporated into your glazing. For example, you could choose bevelled edges, diamond-cut grooves, and etching. These subtle additions can add visual interest to your glazed door, without compromising on how much light enters the space.

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