Why white doors might be just right for your home

Posted: 23 May, 2019.

Of all the colours in the spectrum, white probably has the most wide-ranging appeal. That’s because timeless, clean white looks just as great on a contemporary style door as it does on a classic design. Whether it’s shaker or cutting-edge modern, white never loses its cool – and, it goes without saying that if you want to flood your home with light, white is simply an unbeatable choice. So, you’ve decided to go for white, but which design should you pick?  – here are some of our top choices in beautiful white.

White doors give contemporary cool

Tigris White internal doorA modern home will really show off the clean-cut lines of contemporary doors – although, saying that, there are some fabulous examples of older properties that benefit too. Whatever the age of your home, a white contemporary door will add a light and airy feel, as well as complement the vast majority of other colours in your room (just one word of caution – watch out for ‘off-white’ or cream – particularly on skirting boards – as sometimes different whites can jar).

The simple, cool ladder panels of our Tigris White door will give a style update to any space, and it also comes in a bi-fold design, perfect for areas where you want to maximise a smaller space.

Elektra white doorTry a funky, upbeat door design in calm white

Say ‘contemporary’ and a whole range of different design ideas spring to mind – from cool and minimal to something a little more funky. If it’s the latter you want to go for, we’ve got some great-looking door designs up our sleeve, for those that like something a little different and want to make a statement in their home.

Our Elektra door, for example, features a fabulous, curved groove design that makes a subtle but striking style statement. Pair it with its twin for a wonderful harmonised set of double doors, creating a real wow factor –  whilst it looks equally as good on its own as a single door.

Jamaica white doorWhy white’s always a classic

The panelled styles in our classic range of doors look wonderful in white – and these are great fail-safe designs to go for whether the rest of your interior décor is colourful and fabulous, or whether you’re a lover of the minimal, stress-free look that blends in seamlessly.

With its simple, colonial-inspired vertical lines, our Jamaica door can quite simply be hung anywhere and it will look good, while its sister door – the Trinidad – is the same design in a glazed version, for when you want to flood the light into your home even more.

Shaker doors also look great in white

Geo white internal doorThe shaker-style door is a perennial favourite – people just can’t seem to get enough of this homespun American look – but while this type of door may traditionally be associated with natural wood and oak, it also looks just as wonderful and dare we say, refreshing, in white.

Shaker doors can also have a modern twist.  Try the shaker internal doors design for sheer simplicity, or the equally elegant Geo, with its three central recessed panels – the difference here is the wider side panels that give a more contemporary look.

When you want to really let the sunshine in …

Aurora Glazed sunshine doorLetting light into the home as much as possible is the holy grail for many interior designers, and last on our list of lovely light whites is our ever-popular favourite: the Aurora Glazed. This retro sunshine door in bright white looks simply stunning with its pair; when used as double doors to divide off a living space, those gorgeous sunshine rays can’t fail to put a smile on your face as you pass through. It also looks great on its own, perhaps leading through to a bathroom – but wherever you choose to hang it, it’s sure to brighten up your life.

So there you have it, these are some of our favourite designs available in that purest of hues: white. But you may have other preferences, just leaf through our brochure to see which of our white designs you like best.

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