What is Cottagecore Interior Design?

Posted: 27 Jan, 2023.

The global trend for cottagecore interior design is reflective of a quieter lifestyle, that was born during Covid, but continues to permeate our new sense of normal. With a significant quintessentially British rural influence, this design style is all about simplicity, sustainability and sharing what you love, the things that are important to you.

With an emphasis on nature, comfort and making environmentally-friendly choices, not just style ones, this phenomenon promotes tranquillity, sustainability and an element of self-reliance.

Simple pleasures

Nature, comfort and love are the focus of this interiors approach. Using natural wood floors and internal wooden doors, combined with selective stone, wood furniture and accents, earthy tones and an encouragement to leave brickwork bare. This methodology also fosters a soft approach to pastels, texture, blankets, and for those who are lucky enough to be able, an open fire. Adding in what you love, like your favourite art, imagery or ornaments, enables you to share, and reminisce about, what is important to you, and for you to be able to prioritise it at the centre of your home, as well as your life.

Practical style

For most of us, this newly popular approach, is also a very practical way to live. Having blankets to hand as energy bills rise, can’t be a bad thing; and re-connecting with what we love means we can focus on the important things in our lives over and above material items, as costs rise. The importance of vintage and reclaimed furniture, means that we can make environmentally friendly choices, not just ones about an on-trend style, and if you’re able to craft old timber into something new yourself, then it can often be a bonus for your budget too. Inspired by the past, with twists for the present, the cottagecore trend for texture also means that you can introduce layers, lace and open shelving, as well as your vintage or reclaimed furniture.

Inviting nature in

An emphasis on being close to nature, doesn’t have to mean that you have meadows on your doorstep, apart from the use of wood, stone and earthy tones in your home, cottagecore chic also calls for nature in the home, creating a houseplant heaven for any green fingered folk, and means that everyone can feel part of nature, whether they are city dwellers or have hamlet-based havens.

Print perfect

Whether it’s a wallpaper or framed prints, print is a perfect visual to integrate into, or inspire, your cottagecore style. Contrasting beautifully with the neutral, earthy and soft pastel tones, key cottagecore colours, prints can also reflect your loves, individuality and the things that you care about, as well as creating a feature in your cottagecore calm.

Taking control

About healthy reminiscing and self-reliance too, cottagecore interiors will make you feel cosy and empowered, with an environment that inspires more personal freedom and to make interiors choices about your passions and not those of others. Whether it’s local artists, minimalism or straight neutral simplicity, with cottagecore-inspired interiors your home will be an absolute reflection of you and an oasis for you and your loved ones.

Dealing in diversity

At its centre, cottagecore design, has heart, your heart; and that’s what makes it an interiors approach with longevity. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a home that prioritises the aspects of their life that are important to them? A style where you can choose to promote bright, bold prints amongst a sea of calming neutrals, or solely stick to earthy and neutral tones and have nature flowing through every aspect of your design. Where you can display art that inspires you, whether the experts like it or not; and where you can be comforted by texture, all whilst contributing positively to the environment.

You should love cottagecore interiors, because when you get down to brass tacks, cottagecore interiors, are all about you; and to be happy, putting yourself front and centre, is certainly a good start.

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