Feng Shui tips for your home’s main entrance

Posted: 14 Apr, 2020.

Everyone wants to walk through their front door and feel healthy and happy. After all, the entryway to your home is what sets the atmosphere for your whole abode.

Good energy in your home is extremely important and things such as clutter, piles of shoes by the front door and other things can dramatically affect our mood without even realising.

Therefore, it’s important to design a space that brings you good energy and brings you a sense of calm when arriving home not frustration.

So, here is how to bring some feng shui to your homes main entrance.

Lighting is key

Lighting can have a big impact on your mood, so when designing your hallway try to have sources of light from a variety of heights. A ceiling light, corner lamp and wall lights for example but also make sure that you make use of natural light as much as possible as this cleanses the area, enhances the rooms features and gives the illusion of space.

Front door TLC

Ensure that you take care of your front door, as according to holistic healing therapists a run-down, sticky door is believed to make bringing in new opportunities more difficult. So, make sure that your front door is in perfect condition, without cracks and scratches to ensure positive energy from the moment you turn the handle.


Nothing dampens a mood like clattering through a cluttered space, so it’s essential to declutter your entrance way. Implement organisational systems to ensure any accessories are tidily stored and choose furniture that will keep the pathway clear.

Coming home to a cluttered house, means your mind immediately takes on that energy. Coming home to a tidy, clean and organised home will provide the perfect environment for you to unwind and relax in.

Round leafed plants

Invite a little bit of the outdoors in with round-leafed plants such as Chinese money plants, rubber plant or a Jade plant.

Pointy leaves are said to be uninviting therefore round leafed plants that are relatively low maintenance are recommended.

Keep the plants fresh and remove any dead plants as these weaken the energy you’re trying to produce.

Don’t be afraid of colour

People can often shy away from colours when designing spaces in fear that they might not get the balance right, or they may create the wrong effect. However, colours can bring specific good vibes into your home.

It’s important to use colours to invite the energy you desire into your home. Every colour has a different connotation; red is said to bring wealth and abundance; blue brings relaxation; green is colour for growth.

Don’t forget the external view

It’s essential that you don’t get carried away perfecting the inside of the main entrance and forget the outside. The exterior of your home is what visitors will see first and this is what will create that first impression.

Therefore, ensure it’s clean, tidy and add a sprinkling of colour by putting potted plants on the front porch or lining the pathway with flower beds.

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