10 Reasons to Choose Internal Doorsets

Posted: 10 Oct, 2018.

If you’re a developer, you will have heard of doorsets and may well already be using them. However, if you’re a self-builder, you may not realise that doorsets are how many building professionals purchase their doors or just how convenient internal doorsets can be – not to mention the labour costs they can save! 

A doorset is a door that comes pre-hung in a frame and ready to install.  Perfect for new housing developments, self-build projects and commercial schemes.  Internal doorsets will make your build simpler and more cost effective, all whilst being safe and stylish! So, why not take five, and read our top ten reasons to dig into doorsets?

Doorset1. Complete component parts

When you purchase a doorset, you won’t need to buy any additional component parts. From the hinges to the latch and the door leaf to the frame, when your doorset arrives, you are ready for installation.

2. Time savings

When you order a doorset, on delivery each door is already hung in its frame and its ready to install straight into your build. No fiddly fitting a door into its frame and taking up time getting it right, each door is already hung perfectly.

3. Fewer labour costs

Doorsets are quick to fit, which means that your labour costs will go down, a lot!

4. All styles, any style!

All internal JB Kind doors can be supplied as doorsets – that means you have a choice of more than 200 designs to suit your development, that’s a lot of different doors!

White doorset5. Consistency and quality

There’s little more important in any development or self-build than consistency and quality and, as all our doorsets are assembled in a factory-controlled environment, you can be sure of JB Kind’s usual exacting standards and exceptional quality.

6. Purchasing power! 

Buying everything you need in one set, from a single source, and being able to order as many sets as you need, is simple and makes the best use of your time.

7. Fire door certification and compliance

Do some or all of your doors need to be fire doors?  With JB Kind fire doorsets, you will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing your doors are fully compliant and have all the required certification. 

8. Single doors or pairs

Most of the time, all you’ll need are single internal doorsets, however, you do have the option to have door pairs as doorsets when your build requires. As with single doorsets,  JB Kind’s doors can be made into door pair sets to fit with your project’s exact design and style.  Although, door pair sets are supplied unassembled, so don’t forget to allow for extra site time to complete the installation.

9. Simplicity and support

Buying and installing JB Kind door sets, couldn’t be simpler as we work with specialist doorset manufacturers who are experts in their field.

10. JB Kind’s Internal Door Set Information Guide

You can download this handy guide here that explains the component of a doorset and the key information that is required to process an enquiry.

Final facts: What’s in a door set?

Just in case you’re not sure about what you’ll receive, your door set will include:

  1. Fitted hinges
  2. Door Leaf
  3. Fitted latch or lock
  4. Frame/Lining, with door stop
  5. Floor covering clearance

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