Door dreams, symbols and myths

Posted: 11 Jun, 2014.

Dream doorway

Do you ever dream about doors?

This might seem like a strange question but for those of you that like a spot of psychology and enjoy analysing your dreams, doors can be a common occurrence in many a night time slumber.

Doors are symbolic

Janus God of DoorsDoors and doorways have been symbolic throughout history, whether it is has been due to mythology, religion or literature.

Did you know that the Romans had a god of doors and doorways – Janus! He is usually depicted as having two faces, one looking to the future and the other to the past – a god of transitions and beginnings.

A door is a portal, acting as an entrance or exit. Metaphorically, a door can lead to almost anything – another world, a new beginning, challenge or opportunity. On the flip side, a closed door can represent a dead end with feelings of imprisonment and no way out.

So it is easy to understand why doors are such a popular feature in our dreams.

Interpreting the meaning of Doors in your dreams

Seeing doors in your dreams relates to a period of transition or change – whether it is positive and full of opportunity, or representative of a more fearful, apprehensive time in your life.

Here are some of the most common occurrences of doors in dreams and their possible meanings:

  • An open door signifies entering a new stage in your life with new opportunities. You are a person that is receptive and willing to accept new ideas and change.
  • A closed or locked door suggests something or someone is blocking you and your progress, or perhaps a project or phase in your life has ended. Apparently if you’re outside the locked door, you have anti-social tendencies and if you’re inside the door, you have some harsh lessons to learn. If you are the one locking the door, then it is likely that you are shutting yourself off from others, possibly due to fear and low self worth.
  • If a door is slammed in your face, then you are feeling shut out or being ignored.
  • A revolving door suggests that you are moving in circles and not going anywhere.
  • A red door suggests that you are keeping feelings of anger or passion locked up. Apparently you should open the door if you want to confront these difficult emotions.

There are many more interpretations and the above is just a small selection, to find out more read the following  How to interpret a dream involving doors.

So the next time you dream about a door, think twice, it might mean more than you realise.


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